Reverse Music Player

Explore the unique dimensions of your audio library with Reverse Music Player, a dynamic app that lets you reverse and listen to your tracks effortlessly. Discover a novel perspective on your favorite songs by playing them backward, and if you're intrigued by the new sounds you create, you have the option to save these modifications directly to your device.

Our app is designed with a suite of features to enhance your reverse listening experience:

  • Support for a wide variety of audio formats, including MP4, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, and more, ensuring compatibility with your diverse music collection.
  • The ability to adjust the tempo of your reversed tracks from 4 times slower to 4 times faster, alongside pitch modification capabilities for complete control over your audio.
  • Options to save or export your reversed and modified tracks to popular formats such as WAV and AAC/MP4, making it easy to share your creations or keep them for personal enjoyment.
  • Flexibility to change the tempo and pitch at any point, allowing for instant auditory transformation.
  • An integrated equalizer and customization tools to refine your sound to perfection.
  • A feature to listen to whole playlists in reverse, offering a continuous and immersive backward audio experience.

With Reverse Music Player, you're not just listening to music; you're rediscovering it, unveiling hidden layers and nuances that go unnoticed in forward playback. It's an invitation to experiment, to hear the familiar in an entirely new way, and perhaps, to find beauty in the unexpected.

Reverse Music Player on Google Play