Audio Recorder

Welcome to your new go-to audio recorder app, where simplicity meets versatility. This tool is designed to be straightforward for immediate use, yet it comes packed with configurable options to suit your recording needs. It features a built-in player for easy playback and a user-friendly interface for smooth navigation through your recordings.

Quality is paramount, and with our app, you have the freedom to record in high-quality formats tailored to your requirements. Whether you're looking for efficiency, quality, or a balance of both, we provide multiple format options:

  • MP4: Offers a compact file size while maintaining high-quality audio, ideal for sharing and saving space.
  • WAV: Captures raw audio, delivering the highest possible quality at the expense of larger file sizes.
  • FLAC: Combines the pristine quality of WAV with about 50% of the file size, making it a perfect choice for quality-conscious users with storage considerations.

Features include:

  • Effortless usability, with configuration being completely optional.
  • Support for a wide range of audio frequencies, from 8000 to 96000kHz, in both mono and stereo.
  • Versatile format support including FLAC, WAV, and AAC/MP4/M4A.
  • Flexible source selection options such as default, microphone, unprocessed, and more.
  • Intuitive automatic naming of recordings based on the date, which can be customized as needed.
  • The ability to pause and resume recordings as your session demands.
  • Convenient control accessibility from notifications or the lock screen, depending on your device's capabilities.
  • An integrated player for immediate playback of your recordings.
  • And much more awaiting your discovery...

Whether you're recording lectures, meetings, personal notes, or music, our app is designed to make the process as easy and flexible as possible. Dive into a world of clear, quality sound recording with our audio recorder app, where your recordings are only a tap away.

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